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As of December 31, 2021, the Direct Management Platform had approximately $90 million of assets. The TWS Enterprice Group direct management team consists of 50+ professional managers which is bolstered by the TWS Global Management, Ltd. integrated platform. Direct management encompasses an array of management verticals including financial sponsorship and select niche markets with high barriers to entry. In addition to sourcing direct management, we also identify investment opportunities.
Since its founding in 1997, TWS Enterprice Group has grown to become one of the world’s best alternative investment managers. As of March 31, 2022, TWS Enterprice Group had total assets under management of approximately $300 million, with a team of 157 employees, including 20 investment professionals, located in over seven offices in three continents around the world.
Some Of Our Key Figure

Direct Management Plattform

We believe the TWS Direct Management Platform enjoys significant competitive advantages and is one that very few alternative asset managers can compete against.

Proven track record of value creation, operations oriented approach

 TWS Enterprice Group is a global business services and industrial company focused on owning and operating high-quality providers of essential products and services. Our operations are diversified across the industrial, infrastructure services and business services sectors.

Even More Growth

We support forward looking initiatives in areas like sustainability, mentorship, entreprenurship and inclusion. Are you The Next?

"Comfort with Complexity" Across market cycles, we have built an expertise in executing large, creative transactions and managing ongoing growth projects to drive value.

Sustainability at Our Core

We are more than simply an investor—we are active participants in industries and economies around the world, and committed to the long-term health of these local markets.


We understand a company’s potential and help enable it to sustain itself over the long term. We have successfully operated assets and businesses through multiple market cycles, building exceptional in-house knowledge, relationships and execution capabilities across sectors and regions.

Investing on a Value Basis!

Our experience as owners and operators enables us to effectively enhance cash flows, increase the value of our investments and produce solid long-term returns for our investors.

Well-resourced operations in strategic locations around the world provide real-time market intelligence and bottom-up investment insights.

Our integrated teams of seasoned operational professionals take an active role in maximizing the performance of our assets and businesses.

“Sustainability is in the fabric of our DNA. It is fundamental to our business and how we create value.”